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Gift List testimonials

The Voucher Express Gift List provides a fresh approach to traditional gift lists but don't just take our word for it.

Voucher Express has been operating wedding gift lists since 2001 and in that time we've managed hundreds of gift list accounts.

Recent comments include:

 "The site is extremely easy to use and served its purpose very well. We took quite a while to close our account and the customer service throughout this time was excellent. Thank you".

Georgia Bozekova, Gift list Closed August 2015


 "The Gift List is very straightforward to use. All our wedding guests accessed with ease. Thank you!".

Hollie Briggs, Gift List Closed June 2015


 "Very convenient, easy to use, customer service was up to standard. Speedy delivery, and a variety of stores to choose from".

Adesola Shobande, Gift List Closed May 2015


"Great gift my bridesmaids got for me when I moved to the UK. Helped save on my luggage limit (& sanity!) for moving here. With The Gift List I chose where we'd get the little things that made our house a home."

Jen Harris, Gift List closed August 2014


“The Gift List was the perfect solution for friends and family invited to our wedding with everything very straight forward and the personal service via email was excellent. We opted for all our vouchers to be sent for Next and requested this by email on a Thursday and as specified by me delivered the Saturday morning. Great to see a company offering an efficient, simple to use & personalised service which we highly recommend to anybody getting married. Thank you so much from Mr & Mrs Baker”.

Mr & Mrs Baker, Gift List closed July 2014


"The website was so easy to use and set up our profile. Our guests found it easy to use."

Jim Koscan-Lane, Gift List closed January 2014


"I found the Gift List site really easy to use and had nothing but positive feedback from our guests. Whenever I contacted customer services they were always very polite and happy to help. Couldn’t have asked for a better service."

Matt Swain, Gift List closed January 2014



"We thought The Gift List was brilliant in every way - we're so pleased we discovered you! Thankyou."

Moira Sardeson, Gift List closed November 2013


"Really easy to set up and manage. Enjoyed seeing comments. Customer service was excellent and any problems or queries were dealt with efficiently and professionally - Thank you."

Eve Strachan, Gift List closed November 2013.


"A fantastic idea for a wedding gift list., which has enabled us to book a wonderful honeymoon in Mauritius - very excited!"

Clare Loran, Gift List closed June 2013


"Fabulous and hassle free wedding gift list. Perfect."

Chloe Davison, Gift List closed May 2013


"Fantastic service and so easy to use, for us and out guests. Customer service were also really helpful and friendly from beginning to end."

Sophie Davies, Gift List closed August 2013


"Fabulous and hassle free wedding gift list. Perfect."

Chloe Davison, Gift List closed May 2013


"A fantastic idea as we had friends abroad so it made things very easy for our wedding gifts. Service was outstanding."

Wendy Waghorn, Gift List closed January 2013


"Fantastic & flexible option for wedding gifts yet still very personal with comments option for contribution of a gift."

Michelle Hannan, Gift List closed in January 2013


"Highly recommend for future Brides & Grooms. Easy for guests to use. Brillant service."

Nicola Singleton, Gift List closed in November 2012


"It was great to have the range of gift vouchers to choose from and know how they are usable nation wide, Many thanks!"

Claire Sutcliffe, Gift List closed in September 2012



"A really great service with exceptional customer service. Thank you!"

Lindsay Adamson, Gift List closed Aug 2012


"Excellent and easy to use website/service. Love d the personalisation facility and the printed stationery was lovely. Looked great in our envelope invites. Highly recommended."

Kerry James, Gift List closed June 2012


"Easy to use website and friendly customer service. When your vouchers are claimed & sent in the post, your messages from guests are included. Nice touch."

Claire Shepherd, Gift List Closed Oct 2012


"Really easy to use, great idea. Love the ability to donate to charity too."

Laura Vale, Gift List closed May 2012


"Very impressed, would recommend and use again!"

Ken Stevens, Birthday Gift List closed May 2012



"The Gift List helped to make our wedding even more special and we were delighted to be able to give something back via the charity donation."

Claire Yule, Gift List closed January 2012


"Very easy to use, great that there are no fees and brilliant customer service. Thanks"

Selwyn Pye, Gift List closed November 2011


"We got married in July this year (2011) and used the Gift list website. At first I thought this is too good to be true, but the service was excellent, their communication skills with customers is top rated (best I have seen in a long time), it was a real pleasure being able to use their site. Even better, as soon as we were ready to redeem our vouchers, one phone call straight through to them and they were sent out immediately. They certainly made the whole process feel personalised. I will recommend them to everyone."

Christine Fifield, Gift List closed July 2011


"All my guests loved the site, they thought it was a better gift idea than buying us things we might not use. I felt it was a very easy and straight forward site to use. I have been recommending it to other couples to use."

Yemisi Adeyinka, Gift List closed September 2011


"I found your site fun and easy to use I loved the fact that we were able to make it our was very straight forward, easy to use and loved the fact guests could leave a personal message just for us."

Gina Chalmers, Gift List closed August 2011


"This site is a brilliant to organise Voucher Wedding List. Excellent customer service."

Annie Liggins, Gift List closed October 2011


"The site was so easy, just as I wanted, so our guests would not be put off using it."

Cheryl Cameron, Gift List closed September 2011


"The Gift List was exactly what we were looking for when it came to our Wedding List and really liked the choice of vouchers. Excellent service, so many of our Wedding guests have said how brilliant and easy the process was."

Fay Dawson, Gift List closed September 2011


"I just wanted to say how fantastic using your service was-we have had nothing but great feedback on how simple and effective your service is. We used this for our wedding gift list and we have recommended your site to all that attended our wedding. I am positive that we will use your site over and over again for any occasion - Baby showers, Christenings, etc, etc."

Natasha Mayes, Gift List closed September 2011


"Great service, takes the hassle out organising tradtional gift lists."

Katy Arscott, Gift List closed June 2011


"Great idea, great access and great service! This arrangement provided a wide variety of choices for us and options to purchase gifts across a whole range of services-thank you!"

Sian Davies, Gift List closed August 2011


"We found the site and service to be truly excellent from start to finish and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. Many Thanks for a first class service."

Jo-Ann & Chris Fitzgerald, Gift List closed May 2011


"We used the Gift List with Voucher Express for our wedding and found the service to be fast, efficient and reliable. It was easy to use for our guests and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it."

Abigail Telbutt, Gift List closed June 2011


"The Voucher Express Gift List was exactly what we were looking for. We were very impressed with how easy it was to set up and the exceptional service we received when it came to the time for us to close the account and receive our vouchers - Thank you!"

Katherine Dunajewski, Gift List closed May 2011


"We couldn't fault anything - this list was the most straight forward and stress-free solution - Thank you so much!"

Luke & Nicki Campbell. Gift List closed April 2011


"We hunted all over the internet for the best place to go for a wedding gift list and this was the best. We had no problems with anything. We got our vouchers very quickly."

James Houston, Gift List Closed April 2011


"Fantastic service, really efficient and friendly. Would definately recommend service and would happily use it again. Thanks!"

Hayley Peacock, Gift Closed February 2011


"I was very happy with your service from start to finish!"

Mariliz Lagou, Gift List closed October 2010


"Very happy with every part of the service and this website has made for an better wedding day due to all the gift sent via the gift list."

Steven Mason, Gift List closed July 2010


"Ideal for couples who spend most of their time outside the UK. The only Gift List that covers all high street shops."

Jacqueline Tang, Bath. Gift List closed in December 2010.


"Personlised, cringe free gifting. Efficient and problem free way of selecting gifts. Great customer service."

Ann Wright, Gift List closed October 2010


"Absolutely brilliant! (Staff) Helpful but unintrusive. The whole process was easy and my guests all commented on what a good idea it was. Thank you!"

Natalie Martin, Gift List closed October 2010


"All our dealings were well managed, helpful and straight foward. Perfect!!"

James & Sally Taylor, Gift List closed August 2010


"1st class service and fast delivery, just what's required for wedding service"

Kerry-Ann Santucci, Gift List closed September 2010


"Fast and efficient service"

Mr & Mrs Matravers, Gift List closed September 2010


"Great customer service with a wide range of vouchers available."

Brian Stafford, Gift List closed August 2010


"The service provided was brilliant, very helpful and efficient from start to finish. We would definitely recommend your business. We loved the homepage, it was great to have a personal touch and the website was easy to use. Thank you Voucher Express for all your help with our wedding gift list. We will definately recommend you to friends and family."

Mr & Mrs Christmas, Gift List closed August 2010


"Very easy to use and keep track of - recommend to anyone, especially stressing brides to be!"

Laura Bolton, Gift List closed May 2010


"We found voucher express provided a perfect solution for couples like us who have been together long enough not to need the usual gifts and who want the option of choosing something in the future."

Mr & Mrs Shaw, Gift LIst closed October 2009


"Voucher Express posed the perfect solution to the fact we liked lots of things from different stores. It meant that our guests just needed to buy in one place and we were able to go on several shopping sprees after our honeymoon, and buy exactly we wanted."

Holly Thomas, Gift List closed April 2009


"I am very happy with the service we have received from Voucher Express and would happily recommend you to friends and family. Thank you for all your kind attention."

Karen Forrest, Gift List closed January 2009


"I couldn't fault a thing with Voucher Express. Everything from start to finish was excellent...I would advise everyone to use Voucher Express if they want a quick, easy and reliable service. Well done all at Voucher Express."

Mrs J Cullum, Gift List closed November 2008


"Great range of vouchers available. Great to receive regular contact. Thank you very much. Great service, friendly staff, very efficient. Totally stress free which is fantastic whilst organising a wedding!"

Sally Hayler, Gift List closed November 2008


"Very smooth & easy to use."

Mr & Mrs Hamilton, Gift List closed October 2008


"Huge variety. Excellent service, rung to request vouchers on the Friday, received them in the post on the Saturday."

Mr & Mrs Sunley, Gift Closed September 2008


"Excellent ... Always received email updates."

Mr & Mrs Tritton, Gift List closed September 2008


"I was really pleased with the way in which we could supply our guests with a means to purchase vouchers without having to actually buy them. This meant that we didn’t end up with lots of vouchers for one particular shop as we could decide which vouchers we wanted at the end of the Gift List period in order to buy what we needed from where we wanted to get it from. We have spent all our vouchers now which is great as I still have vouchers from other occasions for places I rarely buy from and may soon expire. This method is far better."

David Brooks, Gift List closed September 2008


"All in all an excellent way to receive your gifts if you want to save for a big purchase, want things from a variety of shops or even wait for the sales! A professional, friendly, fast and easy service to use.  Friends and family found it easy to use as well. Would highly recommend Voucher Express!! 'Thank you for your service, absolutely ideal! Just as I was thinking 'if only', I found Voucher Express!! Thank goodness someone actually provides the service we all want."

Debbie Alder, Gift List August 2008


"All questions answered quickly. A very good selection of vouchers. Quick service and easy to understand. I would recommend the service to friends, as a friend did with us."

Mr & Mrs Dodge, Gift List closed August 2008


"Easy to use. Nice to receive the guests' comments on cards after the wedding."

Claire Spencer, Gift list closed July 2008


"We thought it was brilliant using Voucher Express as we didn't know what presents we really needed when we got married.  12-months on and having moved into a new house the vouchers are meaning we can buy things we can remember our wedding by that we have chosen.  VE gave us everything we wanted: a secure easy way for friends to buy us something for our wedding, and for us the control to use the money in stores that we want on things that we want."

Simon Emery, Gift List closed June 2008


"Customer service was excellent ... completely stress free ... delivery was quick ... gave the personal touch ... and telephone contact was very pleasant. Thank you so much for your care and attention."

Mrs M Wycherley, Gift List closed June 2008


"Very easy, efficient service. Thank you!"

Mr & Mrs Bratley, Gift List closed May 2008


"Both myself and my husband were delighted with the flexibility, variety and the service that we received from Voucher Express. We found the service ideal for us as we preferred to have vouchers rather than a selected wedding list. Receiving vouchers as a wedding gift enabled us to buy things as we needed them and even a year on we've been using our vouchers towards our 8 week old baby girl!"

Janine and Mark van den Berg, Gift List closed April 2008


 "It was a useful, easy to use gift list website for my wedding. Quick delivery too. Would recommend it".

Olubunmi Farinmade, Gift List Closed July 2015


 "Fantastic service, easy to use and our wedding guests loved it!"

Emma Baxter, Gift List Closed June 2015


 "We have found this to be very useful and efficient".

Rachael Bentson, Gift List Closed October 2014


"Amazing, would use again."

Cherith Montgomery, Gift List closed September 2014


"I am so thankful that we found The Gift List for our international wedding registry! The customer service was awesome and it made everything so easy for our guests!"

 Leah Kelton, Gift List closed June 2014


"The site was extremely easy to use, provided a wide range of gifts and was the perfect option for my wedding gift list."

Jordan Coulthard, Gift List closed December 2013


"Great concept, fantastic site and service start to finish was excellent."

David Allen, Gift List closed November 2013.



"The site is very easy to use and offered a variety of places to use. I would recommended the site to use and how easy it is to set up and close down. Delivery was very quick!"

Emily Perry, Gift List closed November 2013.


"Thank you for helping us raise money in vouchers to give as a thank you to participants in our project. Its a really neat way to fundraise."

Future Theatres Company, Gift List closed Sept 2013.



"Easy to use, first class service. Perfect for our wedding gift list. Would definitely recommend."

Kristina Gulliver, Gift List closed June 2013


"Excellent service, easy to use website and tailored to meet the needs of busy couples preparing for their big day and newly weds. Thank you."

Michelle Malawana, Gift List closed November 2013


"The service was great. Everything we could have hoped for! Thank you."

Roberta Perelli, Gift List closed June 2013


"Excellent service, easy to use website and tailored to meet the needs of busy couples preparing for their big day and newly weds. Thank you."

Michelle Malawana, Gift List closed November 2013


"The Gift List website was a great idea. I was surprised how easy it was to use."

Somali Bagga, Gift List closed January 2013


"Perfect for a wedding! Much better than a list of gifts with prices."

Steve Sharpe, Gift List closed in November 2012


"It was easy from beginning to end."

Irene Bausas, Gift List closed in October 2012


"The Gift List was easy to use and the customer service was excellent."

Kim Robinson, Gift List closed in September 2012


"We were delighted with your service and can't recommend Voucher Express enough! Thank you very much!"

Rowena Young, Gift List closed Aug 2012


"An excellent way to set up a gift list for your guests if you already have your home set up."

Melissa Yates, Gift List closed Sept 12


"Trustworthy, speedy delivery, great service."

Sijia Di, Gift List closed April 2012


"As most of our guests weren't local, setting up a Gift List was the best way to help them. They found, as we did, the site to be well laid out and organised. I would certainly recommend it to others."

Katy Le Long, Gift List closed May 2012



"Thank you so much for your fantastic service, we wouldn't have believed it was possible had we not been told about it by a friend. Absolutely perfect for our wedding! We were very impressed! It was completely free and with no catch. The business cards to put into our guests invitations were a nice touch as well. We will definately be recommending The Gift to others"

Lindsey Ibbotson, Gift List closed July 2011



"Very happy with the service received"

Ibikunle Abesin, Gift List closed November 2011


"I found the Gift List extremely professional and excellent communication at all times either by phone or by email."

Warwick Hewett, Gift List closed November 2011


"Once the account had been closed the team were so efficient and helpful, particularly when it took us a while to decide what vouchers we wanted they did not rush us at all and allowed us to take our time to choose. The communication from the team was very quick and efficient."

Gillian Welch, Gift List closed October 2011


"We signed up for the Gift List service on the recommendation of my sister in law and have been very impressed! The range of gifts is fantastic and 'Open Pot' allowed us to decide exactly where we wanted to get our vouchers for. We were kept up to date with the status of our account every step of the way and when we closed our account to order our vouchers they were despatched the very next day. I really cannot recommend the Gift List highly enough. Thank you so much for your fantastic service, it has taken the stress out of 'Gift Lists' and helped provide us with a great start to married life!"

Kat Gemson, Gift List closed November 2011


"I have had an excellent experience with The Gift List website from start to finish - the website was simple to set up, the gift range was extensive and managing it was really easy. Once I closed the list - I received the vouchers in 2 days - superb!"

Chamindri Perera, Gift List closed October 2011


"Using the Gift List for our Wedding was perfect. Easy to set up and personalise homepage to incorporate Wedding themes. Guests loved it and was so simple and we had a great choice of vouchers to choose from afterwards."

Jennifer & James Davies, Gift List closed October 2011


"We recently had two weddings - one in the UK and one in South Africa. We were really struggling to find a way people could buy us gifts without giving us foreign cash and this site fixed the problem. It was so easy to set up, easy for guests to use and easy to close. We found the service first class all the way."

Rebecca Capuano, Gift List closed September 2011


"Exellent service. Thanks for your help!"

Natalia Keenan, Gift List closed September 2011


"Would recommend and use The Gift List again."

Noor Dhemech, Gift List closed July 2011


"Thanks for a great service. Our guests thought it was easy to use. We loved it because of the choice, reliability and flexibility."

Joanne Little, Gift List closed June 2011


"A great service, easy to use. Just brilliant for a good collection."

Fay Rouse, Gift List closed June 2011


"Thanks for a great service from start to finish, The Voucher Express Gift List was a perfect solution for us as we didn’t want toasters or kettles. We will be recommending you to all our friends. Thanks again"

Heather & William Brown, Gift List closed June 2011


"An excellent service - thank you!"

Clare Wragg, Gift List closed May 2011


"We thought the service was perfect to meet our needs for our wedding list as having lived together for four years we had almost everything we need. Using the voucher gift list enabled us to choose exactly what we wanted and family and friends all commented on how easy it was to use and contribute. We will certainly be recommending the website to friends that are getting later married this year! We have been very impressed with how interactive the website has been and further impressed with the personal service received from the gift list team."

Jemma Dealtry, Gift List closed May 2011


"We wanted to say that we have had such a positive experience using The Gift List! Since we are from different countries, The Gift List gave us an easy and convenient solution for a wedding registry. Our vouchers arrived in the mail today, and now that we are settled we are very excited to start furnishing our home! We've already recommended this to our friends who have decided to use it for their wedding in June, and we won't hesitate to use this website again! The Gift list really was our saving grace for a wedding registry, we'd have been lost without it! I hope other people can benefit from your site if they are in a similar situation.
I really want to emphasize how great it was to work with you, we kept thinking this is too good to be true, where's the catch?! And there isn't one! Thank you for everything!"

Katherine Marcheschi and Matthew Millyard, Gift List closed April 2011


"I loved how friends and family could leave us messages and how much choice we had for our voucher list. I would definately recommend it to others for all occassions."

Jodie Lazarus, Gift List closed January 2011.


"A fantastic service providing you with great choice, superb service and so easy to use. Would certainly recommend this site to anybody looking for one less stress to be taken out of their wedding day planning! Thank you."

Liz Daniels, Gift List closed February 2011


"Everything was great! Easiest gift list to use out of all that I researched.Thanks!"

Vanessa Quigley (Murdock), Gift List closed October 2010


We received fantastic, quick customer service when establishing our list. Great chocolates too!

Kelly & Mark Wheatley, Gift List closed December 2010


"Fantastic, easy. Helped us get what we wanted."

Felicity Thomas, Gift List closed August 2010


"We were delighted with the service provided by Voucher Express and would recommend to anyone!"

Sarah Arthurs, Gift List closed October 2010


"Excellent service. Site very easy to use. Next day delivery of vouchers. Would thoroughly recommend."

Nicola Eastoe, Gift List closed in October 2010


"Very easy to set up, wide choice of vouchers to choose from. Easy access to check Gift List especially once notified by email. Absolutely great, will use again for sure."

Marie Frame, Gift List closed September 2010


"I would recommend the Gift List to anyone - the perfect solution!"

Paul & Michelle Greenwood, Gift List closed September 2010


"Great website that allows others to leave gifts safely and securely and you get to choose what you want!"

Gill Lockhart, Gift LIst August 2010


"We had a fantastic wedding and our gifts were made so easy by the use of this site. Your staff were so helpful and easy to talk with. The vouchers came really quickly once settled and we got exactly what we wanted. Will use again and will recommend to anyone. Fantastic keep it up!"

Mr & Mrs Thomas, Gift List closed August 2010


"Very quick and easy to set up. Good delivery service when closed list."

Rachel Mortimer, Gift List closed June 2010


"Great help to us. Always quick to answer questions and queries and also providing regular updates on our account! Many Thanks."

Mr & Mrs Leonard, Gift List closed October 2009


"Excellent! Very helpful, kept us informed at every stage. Will recommend your service to all my friends and family. Thanks very much."

Mr & Mrs Doshi, Gift List closed April 2009


"The service we received was fantastic.  Very helpful, very efficient and very friendly.  The whole system was easy to use, all our guests raved about how simple it was.  From 17 year olds to 73 year olds all used it with ease.
The little cards for the details were a great asset, perfect to fit inside our invites.
The only problem, (not a bad problem) was, there are far too many vouchers to choose from, it took ages to decide which ones we wanted, but we had fun deciding.  You didn't even mind us taking 6 months to decide, you just kept us updated with the value we had to spend. Once decided, the vouchers arrived very promptly. We would recommend you to any one and every one. Thanks for a great service."

Wendy and Grant Sutton-Lloyd, Gift List closed February 2009


"(Staff) Always exceptionally helpful - both on the phone and by email."

Mr & Mrs Dunning, Gift List closed November 2008


"Excellent choice. Overall a great service-thanks."

Mr & Mrs Laurenson, Gift List closed November 2008


"We found the service was great and our guests had no problem in ordering gift vouchers. The fact that we had most things for the home already as many couples in their late 30's do, the vouchers were a great alternative to the usual shop wedding lists and useful to sort out our jungle of a garden! We even managed to afford a shed much to Mark's delight."

Penny & Mark Ralph, Gift List closed October 2008


"I found Voucher Express to provide a very friendly and professional service.  Our guests found it easy to register their gift with Voucher Express and we received the vouchers very swiftly once we closed the account.  I would recommend Voucher Express to anyone and it is an ideal alternative to going through the lengthy process of drawing up a normal wedding gift list."

Jody Wyatt, Gift List closed October 2008


"Answers were clear, team friendly & efficient. Happy with the service and got a good selection of vouchers."

Mr & Mrs Pickering, Gift List closed September 2008


"Guests commented on how easy it was to use, really pleased with the service you provided."

Mr & Mrs Fuller, Gift List closed September 2008


"Polite & efficient....Excellent."

Mr & Mrs Robertson, Gift  List closed August 2008


"Service was very efficient. Friendly and helpful staff. Very impressed that the vouchers arrived the next day."

Mr & Mrs Cockfield, Gift List closed August 2008


"Service was excellent - a great idea for people who don't feel comfortable with a wedding list.....speed of delivery was excellent."

Mr & Mrs Collens, Gift List closed August 2008


"Fantastic...service 99% perfect!!"

Mr & Mrs Arcatinis, Gift List closed July 2008


"The service that Voucher Express offered was fantastic and took the stress out of making a gift list. Our guests found the service easy to use and we were able to buy exactly what we wanted, rather than receiving 3 toasters! We were really pleased that the vouchers all arrived in separate cards from each guest and it was very exciting opening them. The customer service both by email and telephone was very friendly and helpful, which for a stressed out bride is wonderful!"

Morag Hood, Gift List closed June 2008


"The service we received was excellent and we would recommend Voucher Express to anyone."

James Davies, Gift List closed May 2008


"We are extremely happy that we chose Voucher Express, as not only did it make our friends and families' lives easier when deciding what to get us, but it also gave us an opportunity to choose how much in vouchers we want to spend and where we wanted to spend them. There are so many retailers to choose from but our best selection had to be the Thomas Cook vouchers which helped contribute to a holiday. Our representative was very efficient as any queries were answered immediately and in a very professional manner. It could not have gone any smoother."

Gordon Griscti, Gift List closed May 2008


"Quick & friendly...excellent service...we are very pleased...we're enjoying spending them at the moment."

S Crandon, Gift List closed July 2007

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